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New Super Mario Bros + Luigi U Wii U (Pre-Owned)

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Earn 100 reward points worth £0.50 off your next shop!
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Mario, Luigi and Toad are back in a brand new adventure – in a brand new land! Bowser has changed his usual plans of kidnapping Princess Peach, and instead invades her castle, using a giant mechanical arm to toss our heroes far, far away. It's up to them to make their way home through this strange land in order to save the Princess.

This new land features a large, seamless world map, the first time such a map has appeared in a side-scrolling Mario Title in over 20 years! This map houses all the interconnected courses and worlds, letting you play them in the order you choose and offering the chance to find the hidden exits and shortcuts that can change the layout of the map!

The worlds may be new, but there are plenty of features that will be familiar to long-time players of Super Mario Bros, each with new and exciting twists! Power-Ups make a return, with some older ones offering new abilities – mini-mushrooms now let you run up walls! – while all-new Power-Ups include the Flying Squirrel Suit, giving Mario limited flight as he floats through the air.

Baby Yoshis of varying colours also return, with each different colour offering a different treat! Blue Yoshi spits bubbles that can trap your enemies, Yellow Yoshi can help light-up dark area, and Purple Yoshi will expand like a balloon and let you take to the air!