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ZombiU Wii U (Pre-Owned)

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Earn 100 reward points worth £0.50 off your next shop!
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Go sightseeing in the beautiful City of London, Run past Buckingham Palace, hide near the Tower of London and sprint past Big Ben as you try and evade the Zombie horde that has decimated the English capital in Zombi U exclusively on Wii U.

Feel the tension as Zombi U for all out survival horror where you’ll face countless enemies with limited supplies. You’ll need to keep your wits about you as you roam the City streets in search of items and safety in this exclusive title for Wii U.

Meet BOB
Built specifically for the Wii U, you’ll use your Wii U Game Pad as your Bug-Out Bag, aka BOB. The ultimate all-in-one survival kit, BOB will house the tools you find, your inventory med kits and any other useful items you may come across, like guns and ammo. But guns and ammo are in short supply so you’ll need to use them sparingly!

You never really die…
Should you fail to reach safety, where ever that may be in Zombi U, you’ll be reborn as a new character that must again reach safety in the over run Zombie streets of London. But you’ll need to find your now undead character that will have your old BOB still full of items that you will need.

For the Horde!
You’ll need to stock up on guns and ammo as you prepare for the inevitable onslaught of Zombies that will try to enter your Safe House. How will you fair against the overwhelming undead force that Zombi U will throw at you?

Who needs enemies?
If you become infected whilst running from the Zombie horde, your online friends will be alerted to your condition. But instead of leaving you be, they can come after you to put you out of your misery and loot your BOB!