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Alan Wake Xbox 360 (Pre-Owned)

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Earn 100 reward points worth £0.50 off your next shop!
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Alan Wake is an immersive game. The world is rich and deep with characters and plots inspired by the best TV series like Lost and Twin Peaks and the greatest horror novels from Stephen King and Clive Barker. To continue that creative immersion Prima created a guide designed to keep players in the mood and mind-set of the game. Key in this is the walkthrough. It was written as though it were a report on actual events and as a novelization while retaining all the information a gamer needs. Start by opening to page 22-23. You’ll see the map that calls out every pick up, Safe Haven, weapon, and collectible that is in the area. Along with the Activity Log which details what is expected of the player in this section. Turning the page you find the text. Richly written to convey the atmosphere of the game (taut and suspenseful) it could be read through as though it were a stand-alone book. However, knowing that gamers are busy folk, the highlighting gives the critical path through the text. Reading the emphasized sentences will guide the player through the steps they need to take in a quick and efficient fashion.

Turn to page 53. This is a dense example of all the collectibles that are called out in the text. Each of the over 300 collectible items and events are called out in the walkthrough in this fashion. The box outs designed to be part of a report on Alan Wake’s movements. Each one numbered and described in detail so players will be able to get absolutely everything. And speaking of everything, go to page 230 to see the Appendix to get a sense of just how much there is to collect. We’ve got it all.